Brooklyn College West Quad.

location: Brooklyn, NY.

client: Brooklyn College/CUNY/DASNY.

area: 26,000sf.

budget: withheld.

affiliation with:  Rafael Viñoly Architects.

status: completed 2009.

View from the new west quad
Aerial view from historic quad
View of pool enclosure from track
View of olympic size pool

Brooklyn College is a traditional college campus in the heart of Brooklyn with buildings of various styles and types organized around a central ‘commons’.  In the 1970s, a large student-center and administrative building had been constructed within the commons, creating a raised plaza that broke with the original master plan of the campus.  In addition, after years of budget cuts and under-use, the facilities’ maintenance costs had grown substantially.  In the late 1990s a new master plan was developed that included the demotilition of this building and the construction of a new building to close the south end of the common green.  Rafael Viñoly Architects was hired to complete the planning for the temporary relocation of the functions contained in the facility, demolition of the existing structure, and the design and construction of a new facility to house student services, financial aid offices and sports facilities including an olympic-sized swimming pool and support functions.  Brian planned the complicated phasing for a process of renovation and relocation that preceded the demolition and construction.  This involved careful study of existing programs and needs for various departments within the college to ensure smooth functioning of the administration during all phases of the construction.  In addition to my primary role in planning and designing for the campus mini-reorganization, Brian was charged with detailing portions of the exterior of the new 140,000sf building, including the enclosure of the swimming facility.