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Vancouver tower.

location: Vancouver B.C.

client: Undisclosed.

area: 440,000 sf.

budget: Undisclosed.

status: Proposal


Aerial view.
View from Granville bridge
Form Evolve
Green Areas & Public space
Active Corners, retail & land use
Ground floor
Sections public space, human scale-01
Ground view.
East Elevation
South view.
Unit mix.
View from access.
West view.
Solar Study.
Sustainable  Strategies.

Granville Bridge marks the entrance to downtown Vancouver; the site is the only empty lot in the area. Vancouver tower aims to mark a formal gateway working in conjunction with the Vancouver House project of BIG, which is located across the overpass. The site has a triangular shape; once all the set backs and regulations are applied the footprint is reduced to a small triangle at the southeast corner of the site. The northwest edge is tapered and then twisted shaping the tower. The programming on the ground floor is distributed along the site into smaller retail spaces to achieve a sense of human scale and to create plazas that contain the open space and add activity to the district master plan.

The facade is divided into two sections: one for balconies and the other one with GFRC fin-panels to create shadow, allowing the facade to respond to its neighbors, natural conditions and surroundings.


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