Union Pacific.

location: New York, NY.

client: Main Street Restaurant Partners.

area: 5,000sf.

budget: $1.5M US.

affiliation with: Bogdanow Partners Architects.

status: completed 1998.


Interior Design Magazine spread
Dining Room
Entrance bar/waiting area
Dining room with kitchen beyond

Restaurant design in New York City is considered somewhat of a specialty.  The market is so competetive and quixotic that clients need to construct quickly and make a big impression.  There is an element of stagecraft in the design of these spaces, since each meal service needs to deliver atmosphere that accompanies and complements the gastronomic experience.  This space was designed to showcase the work of the celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito and his asian-inspired cuisine.  Constructed in the space of an existing restaurant, the interior renovation took approximately three months from the start of the design process to the opening of the restaurant.  Many existing conditions needed to be accomodated in the new design, and in addition to the need to impress with the interiors is the parallel challenge of laying out the dining room, bar and kitchen so that all of the service functions of the restaurant flow in an efficient and logical way.  The restaurant featured two dining areas, a small bar/waiting area, and a full bar in the basement, in addition to kitchen space.