Torre S.

location: Mexico City, Mexico.

client: private.

area: 160,000m2.

budget: withheld.

affiliation with: FR-EE.

status: ongoing.

Perspective view
Facade study
Facade study
Facade study
Street level perspective
Exploded facade study

Located at one of the most coveted and prominent sites in Mexico City, the design was intended to provide an instant reference point and iconic landmark for the city.  The 62-story 160,000m2 mixed use tower will house a luxe hotel and office space with stunning 360-degree views of the whole of the valley of Mexico City.  The base of the building will contain the hotel and associated services, while the circular tower with a floor plate of approximately 2,000m2 will house offices.  The design of the facade of the building responds to this programmatic separation, with a gradient diagrid pattern that becomes denser where more privacy and acoustical separation are required in the hotel.  In addition, the diagrid pattern forms the basis for the efficient structure of the outer shell of the building.  The building will be designed with state-of-the-art amenities and will also include several sustainable design features.