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Orquesta del Mar de Cortes.

location: San Felipe B.C.

client: Secretaria de cultura.

area: 4,000 sf.

budget: Undisclosed.

status: In progress.


Remove kiosk.
Depress site.
Ripple effect.
Benches and pavers.
Services on edges.
OMC 2.013_edited
Site plan.
Sun study.

A new youth orchestra has been started in San Felipe, and they currently lack a formal public performance space. The site is currently a park with a small kiosk, an oasis of shade and landscape within the urban fabric of this small fishing village and tourist destination.

We thought that a rigid scheme focused solely on creating a concert venue would not be beneficial for the needs of all the surrounding population, especially since the season for concerts is rather short. By taking advantage of the change of levels of the site and from one street to the other, depressing the site and creating sitting areas, as well as adding paved areas for all kinds of activity, we would be able to provide for a space for daily use as well as for special occasions, in addition to providing the practice and performance for the orchestra for which the program calls.

We analyzed a profile in section used in many concert halls and revolved it 360 degrees to create a shell that could be used throughout the day in various ways; because of San Felipe’s intense heat and sun, the new shell replaces the existing kiosk and the new seating can be used all day since the shell casts shadows in different locations though out the day.

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