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Tulum House.

location: Tulum, Mexico.

client: Blackbird.

area: 800-1,200sf.

budget: $72,000 US.

by: Diverse Projects.

status: ongoing.

1000 sf house in Tulum
Ground floor
Upper floor
Site plan
Back view

This small 800sf house in Tulum was inspired by the geometry of the Pre-hispanic forms of the region reinterpreted as a contemporary home.  The triangular plan proved to be very efficient, as it slopes to the second floor the area on the top floor is reduced to achieve the desired square footage. The roof is utilized to capture water and store it. To control climate several openings are needed to promote air flow; on one side there is a big sliding door and on another a big window to the bedroom, and on the third face a screen to capture cross ventilation for the whole house. Another bedroom or a studio can be added as a complementary form with a covered passage linking them.

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