North Shore University Hospital.

location: Manhassett, NY.

client: NSLIJ.

area: 30,000sf.

budget: withheld.

affiliation with:  Ennead Architects, LLP.

status: unbuilt.


Exterior view
Lobby perspective view
Entrance view
Surgical corridor view
Patient room solar study
Patient room solar study
Exterior shading study
Process images

The project included the addition of a new surgical suite, ICU rooms and support functions to the existing hospital facility in Manhasset, New York.  The program space for the new surgical suite, requiring the largest floor plate, needed to align with the second floor of the existing facility.  This requirement left the floors below with a smaller floor plate, allowing a generous covered drop-off area with v-columns.  The patient areas above the second floor plate are contained in a crystalline, euclidean form enclosed in energy efficient glazing with solar shading, and a ribbon of glazed terracotta panels that reaches up to gather the mechanical penthouses.  A sinuous “serpentine wall” clad with red slate weaves the upper volume to the earth facilitating a 14’ grade change  across the site, and forming a retaining wall in the south garden, a decorative wall in the new building lobby, and screen walls for mechanical air intake and exhaust under the deep soffit.  Drawings and renderings by Ennead architects.