Church of the Epiphany Study.

location: New York, NY.

client: Sheldrake Organization/Church of the Epiphany.

area: 200,000sf.

budget: withheld.

affliliation with: Ennead Architects, LLP.

status: unbuilt.

Zoning analysis
Site diagram
Organization option
Organization option
Organization final option
Ground floor plan
Second floor plan
Third floor plan
Fourth floor plan
Fifth floor plan
Typical floor plan (3 apartments)
Typical floor plan (2 apartments)
Interior views
Exterior rendering

A proposal completed when Brian was Project Architect at Ennead Architects, the project was located on the site of an existing church, whose leadership were looking at ways to fund the construction of a new sanctuary by selling their air rights for a condominium development.  The deal was to have included the construction of the church as well, whose design was included conceptually within the presentation.  In addition to the church, areas for educational programs and community services were included.