Caja Popular Mexicana.

location: Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

client: Caja Popular Mexicana.

area: 15,000m2.

budget: withheld.

affiliation with: FR-EE.

status: ongoing.

Site/ground floor plan
Entrance plaza
Upper level plan

This 15,000m2 office building will serve as the headquarters for a national bank.  The offices of the Caja Popular will include amenities such as gymnasium, cafe, outdoor recreation spaces, a soccer pitch, auditorium and meeting rooms, and training areas.  As the company is a cooperative owned by its customers, the hierarchical organization of typical bank offices was discarded in favor of a more democratic layout with varieties of work spaces based upon employee preferences rather than seniority.  The project will be constructed on open land on the outskirts of the town, and will also house a branch of the bank, and is also located near a future light rail station.  The form of the plan is a riff on the logo of the company, which features entwined abstracted triangular trees to emphasize the organization's sustainable mission and sense of commitment to community.  In addition to referencing the identity of the company, the triangular form allows for the separation of the development into three phases as requested in the project brief, as well as providing the enclosure for the central patio which will provide outdoor eating areas adjacent to the employee dining room, in addition to less formal relaxation and gathering areas, intended to encourage conviviality in the workplace.