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Our Lady of Guadalupe.

location: Doral/Miami, FL.

client: Archdiocese of Miami.

area: 25,000sf.

budget: $8M US.

affiliation with: FR-EE.

status: unbuilt.


Interior rendering
Seating organization
Aerial view
Exterior view
Axonometric diagram
Cut-away section detail
Exterior view at plaza

The catholic community of this suburb of Miami has grown so fast that there are congregations in need of worship space.  Composed mostly of Latino immigrants, the parish priest wanted to consecrate a new church for 1400 celebrants, dedicated primarily to the Virgin of Guadalupe but also to all of the virgin apparitions of the Americas.  Located on a site near Florida’s Everglades in a semi-industrial zone, the church will be in the flight path of Miami’s airport.  This presented an opportunity to plan the site as an affirmation of the faith - its sanctuary, central plaza and parish hall are laid out in the form of a cross seen from above.  The form of the sanctuary itself was intended to stand out among light manufacturing and storage facilities in the area with a bright reflective gold cladding that would immediately distinguish the building as more than just a box.  In addition to its cladding, the soaring interior volume - 25 meters in height - was intended to admit and modulate Florida’s intense sunshine to create a mysterious and spiritual yet brilliant glow. 


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