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Caminata contra el Cancer.
Irregular box.
Make a regular pink box.
Rational vs iconic ?
Subtract corner.
Dome at corner.
Extract oval patio from box.
Patio 10:00 am
Patio 12:00 pm
Patio 4:00 pm
Add ribbon.
Axon plan.
Front desk.
View from Main street.

Cancer awareness center.

location: San Felipe B.C.

client: Caminata contra el cancer.

area: 3,000 sf.

budget: $90,000 US.

status: in progress.


The San Felipe Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment Center is currently housed in a leased building and needs extra space and programing to add a much needed hospice.

The scheme is derived from 3 simple concepts:

1- Create an iconic facade to remind women passing by to stop in and do a check-up (the main reason women don’t check themselves is because they forget) 

2- An interior patio to provide a quiet space for contemplation for patients that come in for a check-up, hospice interns, and family members. 

3- A ribbon-like hallway that organizes all the activities. Hospital hallways can be some of the most cold and unpleasant places; the ribbon adds a space for multiple activities: thinking, conversing, making decisions, waiting, finding hope, finding strength.


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