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Barn Conversion.

location: Water Mill, NY.

client: private.

area: 6,000sf.

budget: $ 3 M US.

status: unbuilt.

View of master pavilion from garden
The barn is over 100' long
It has only a facades with openings
We needed to bring light in
And create opening for views
To have openings on 3 sides
Program into envelope
Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.26.34 PM (2).jpeg
Triangles to create dormers
Triangles to create dormers
Triangles to create dormers
Aerial view
View from garden
View from garden
Site Plan
Ground floor
Upper floor

This potato barn in Long Island is over 100 feet long, a characteristic of these kind of barns is that half was sunk below ground to preserve the potatoes;  these types of structures also have no windows and entrances only at both ends. To transform it into a house we needed to bring light and open doors and windows into the facade that faces the main part of the land. After analyzing the vernacular typologies and history of barns in this part of America, we realized that the solution was to incorporate dormers, and this in turn would extend beyond the facade with angles creating the interior spaces, penetrating the barn and creating triangles. This new language was also the generator of new spaces added to the program.

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