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Baja Diamante II.

location: San Felipe B.C.

client: Baja Diamante

area: 200,000 sf.

budget: $ 45 M US.

by: Armando Ramos

status: Stand by.

East view of tower
Typical floor layout
Aerial northwest view
Typical unit layout
Southwest view
Northeast aerial view
Northwest beach view

As part of the Baja Diamante project there is 2 beach properties at each end to do condominiums. Baja Diamante II captures the language of the original hotel and applies it to a 22 story building. As part of this scheme and to have the slope the tower is dividen into 2 portions and the top one is offset from the on in the base. when the 2 get connected the diagonal line is created and this become terraces. This offset results in voids and very interesting spaces and bridges on the east side of the property.

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