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21st Street.

location: New York, NY.

client: withheld.

area: 70,000sf.

budget: $ 40 M US.

by: Armando Ramos

status: unbuilt.

Empty plot
What to do with empty lot
Extrude FAR
The retail value is at the ground
Additional FAR at roof
Extend upper floorplates
FAR divided
Extra FAR on top for PH.
Street view
Creation of several terraces
Street elevation

This magnificent pre-war building was used as an office building and had the particularity of being one of the few building in the area and in Manhattan to have a portion of the plot unbuilt, this small portion was 16’ and between this and the existing air rights the building and 15,000 sf of extra build-able FAR.

The structure was to be converted into a mixed use residential building, the most profitable solution would have been to use the 16’ property for retail and utilize the rest of the air rights extending the top floors (the most expensive apartments) and to build a glass house Penthouse on top of the building. All the new construction would have a clear curtain wall to distinguish the old and the new and create maximum views and transparency.

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